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Old Man Gaming Community Website

Welcome to Old Man Gaming - PVE!  

We are extremely easy going!  Have fun and relax!  Old age has its taken it's toll!!!

Please see our RULES page to keep things low key in-game!

Join us on TeamSpeak or Discord!   

TeamSpeak voice.chicago3.pingperfect.com:9990     

Discord https://discord.gg/DTGFgSy

https://www.paypal.me/OldManGamingUS to donate. 

Donate and get extra privileges:

    - Immediate zcoin infusion

    - Faster XP

    - Faster zcoin earnings

    - No death penalty

    - Access to Interactive map

Daily server restarts scheduled at 4am Central to help server stability.

Admin list:








Old Man Gaming at a glance

Here are some reasons why you should choose to play on the Old Man Gaming server:

311 Min.
Average Playtime
Voter Rewards
zCoin Shop Items
Server Moderators
Server Map
Interactive, and Real-time
Gimmie Items